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From Saadi:

  • The Children of Adam are limbs of each other Having been created of one essence.

History and Missions

Towheed foundation History and Missions.

Dear Friends;
If you've lived in DFW for the past couple of years, you've heard of TOWHEED.
We are a non for profit organization believing in keeping our "Culture and Religion"
alive and keep going strong in this community.
All the current participants are parents and volunteers who care about the future of our children and impacting the lives of many Iranian Americans who desire to stay in touch with their roots while striving to be the best people in this society.

Here is a snap shot of what we do;
Sunday School Farsi classes / Grades 1st through 5th
Youth Religious Classes
Karate Classes
Celebration of Holidays (Religious and Cultural)
Special supervised Events for our kids
Monthly News Letter

We need your support in order to run these programs and be able to grow and offer more SERVICES to our Iranian community.
We sincerely appreciate the many donations and support we've received since the inception of Towheed.
Please write your checks for any amount you can and we'll send you a receipt for your "Tax deduction", and please come and visit us. It'll be our pleasure to see new and old faces.
Special Events: The foundation runs many cultural, educational, social and religious events. Both public events (e.g. Norooz, Ramazan, etc.) and private events (e.g. marriage, Nazr, funeral, etc.) are held with prior arrangement. Your scheduling and participation in such events make us all closer and make Towheed active. For questions and comments in this regard, please see our Events Page.

Education Activities: At present, there are cultural, educational, religious and sport classes for children 5 years and older on Sundays. We desparately need responsible teachers and motivated students to enhance our cultural activities. For specific comments and questions about various activities in the Sunday school, for more details please see the Sunday School for mre details.

Environment Activities: Buildings and about 2 acre of land around them need contineous attention. Those who have expertise in repair and improvement can help a lot in providing a descent environment for our activities. Many of such improvements are currently done during weekends. For questions and comments in this regard, please contact Hadi Aghili.

Website Enrichment: Developing website is a technical and artistic job. While we do our best to keep the site informative, we seek your help in improving the view, quality and quantity of the material presented in the website. We appreciate those individuals, especially youths, who are able to help. You can send us your ready-to-go files. Upon approval of the board, they will be installed with a citation to your name as the developer of that page.